Would Press of Atlantic City Have Published Her Photo If Races Were Reversed?

Photos like this of Tracy Lynn DuBois, a 37 year old lifelong resident of Bridgeton, NJ are readily available online.  Yet no photo of her appeared in stories of her murder in the Press of Atlantic City or Ganett (USA Today) Daily Journal. 

Both newspapers reported that Bridgeton police arrested Patrick Spann for murdering DuBois on May 21.  Police said Spann confessed to beating and choking DuBois to death during an argument.  Spann said he later returned to the scene to remove her clothing, drag her body to the Cohansey River, and take her prescription drugs.

Both newspapers published this photo of Mr. Spann in their articles about the murder.  Neither published a photo of Ms. DuBois.  On May 28, The Daily Journal published a photo of Ms. DuBois with her obituary.

This photo of Patrick Spann was released by the Cumberland County, NJ jail shortly after his arrest on May 22.  It was published in both the Press of Atlantic City and the Daily Journal.  Neither newspaper published a photo of his victim, Tracy DuBois.

This murder never became national news.  Were any vigils, demonstrations, or other events held to express outrage over this murder?

Did racist hatred of whites by Mr. Spann trigger the anger that caused him to commit this particularly brutal murder?  There have been several brutal attacks by blacks against whites lately, some of which appear to be random.  Have any academics or community leaders shown any interest in studying who or what could be causing hatred of whites by blacks in today’s America? 

Seth Grossman, Executive Director



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