Next Liberty and Prosperity at Stockton Meeting is Thursday, March 23

4:30 pm, Room F-206.? Pizza and drinks. Stockton University is named after a signer of the Declaration of Independence.? That Declaration is reproduced on a giant mural behind the Campus Center.??? However, it is almost impossible to read its words.? And those words are rarely mentioned in class or campus events. ?We hold these truths

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Stockton University Students only: Meet us in Room F-206 at 4:30 pm this Thursday, March 9 Pizza, drinks, work opportunities.

Stockton University has a giant mural of the Declaration of Independence right behind the Campus Center. But the format makes the words almost impossible to read. Abraham Lincoln said he did not have a political feeling that did not spring from its “self-evident” truths. We feel the same way. Find out why.

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Message for Stockton University Students and Independent-thinking Professors

Last year, we paid Yale Professor Akhil Reed Amar to speak to us last September on Constitution Day. He talked mostly about the election.? Very little about the Constitution. Professor Amar said Democratic President Obama was like Abraham Lincoln.? (He never said the truth–that? Lincoln was a Republican!) He said Donald Trump was like the

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Our Facebook post on biased Stockton “Constitution Day” program “reached” more than 11,500 people in less than one day!

Click here to visit?our Liberty and Prosperity Facebook Page.? Help us raise the money we need to “boost” more of our Facebook posts and?”reach” even more people.? Help us set up a Liberty and Prosperity club with Stockton University students.?? “Progressive” Democrats spend your taxes to promote their agenda.? We need your voluntary donations to

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Help us bring Liberty and Prosperity to Stockton University!

Stockton University will hold its ?Constitution Day 2016? and ?Political Engagement Project?? event tomorrow, Wednesday, September 21 at 6:30 pm at the Campus Center Event Room.??? Details at this link:?? The keynote speaker is Akhil Reed Amar, a radical leftist from Yale who mentored NJ Democratic Senator Corey Booker.?? Amar?falsely claims ?Tea Party? conservatives

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Liberty and Prosperity Club at Stockton College! Please forward this link to any student you know!

More than a dozen students signed up to start a Liberty and Prosperity Club at Stockton University.?? That new club is also inspired by Liberty and Prosperity–the motto of New Jersey since 1776.? We are working very closely with it.?? The club meets at 6pm on the first Wednesday of every month, and at 4:30

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