Johns Hopkins “Coronavirus COVID-19” Interactive Map:  An Impartial, Up-To-Date Source of Information

Click here to view the Johns Hopkins “Coronavirus COVID-19” Interactive Map. It shows the number of cases, deaths, and recoveries country by country, region by region.  It posts information reported by each country and region.  It is updated every few hours.  The yellow dots on the chart on the lower left show that three

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Rev. Michael’s Brutally Honest, Inspiring Message at Feb 22 Fundraiser

  Rev. Thomas C. Michael was keynote speaker at this year’s February Fundraiser.  Sal’s Coal Fired Pizza in Somers Point hosted the event and surprised many with an outstanding, elegant breakfast in their new banquet room.  Although we filled the room, we still need a few thousand dollars more to fund our activities at last

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This US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) Is Awful. Please Tell President Trump–And Everyone You Know!

The US- Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) is a VERY bad deal for Americans.  It was presented to Congress by President Trump last July, after two years of negotiations with the leaders of Mexico and Canada and dozens of special interest groups in all three countries .  Last December, it was approved by the Democratic majority House

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Hanukkah — The Jewish Holiday of Miracles That Inspired Early Christians

The Jewish 8-day holiday of Hanukkah (Hebrew for “Dedication”) began last Sunday evening.  Two thousand years ago, it was a major Jewish festival of miracles that inspired Jews and early Christians alike.  Later, Jewish religious leaders suppressed and ignored both the holiday and the story behind it.  Meanwhile, early Christians were inspired by it.  It

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Re-Enactment at Trenton Remembers Christmas Miracle of 1776 That Saved America.

Photo from For the first time since 2016, hundreds of re-enactors crossed the Delaware River just north of Trenton on Christmas Day yesterday.   They dressed as soldiers of the state militias and Continental Army of 1776 and rowed the same large  “Durham” boats  used by them to row from Bucks County, Pennsylvania to

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Letters to the Editor: How to Write Them and Why They Work. Get Published!

Each week, our Liberty and Prosperity messages reach thousands of people in the South Jersey area through our radio spots, Facebook, Twitter, and our email updates.   However, very few of us are writing letters to the editor.  Let’s change that! Writing a letter to the editor is easier than you think.  In addition to

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