Did Years of “Free” Trips & Exchange Programs with Chinese Communists Blind US To Coronavirus Danger? And To Taiwan’s Success In Stopping It?

During the past ten years, the Chinese Communist Party regime invested much money and talent to establish friendships and loyalties with leading politicians, business leaders, and public school and college teachers and administrators in Atlantic County, one of the smallest in New Jersey.  Did they do this in every county or every state in America? 

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Unsustainable Debt & Dependency As Deadly As CoronaVirus

When America was great, we had a culture of independence and self-reliance.  Most Americans understood that liberty and freedom included the responsibility to accept consequences for bad choices as well as rewards of good ones.  Most Americans and businesses minimized debt, saved money, and bought insurance to protect themselves from unexpected emergencies. For many reasons,

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Why Do They Ignore Taiwan Success? Follow Italy Failure?

  For two months, we talked about Taiwan’s success in fighting coronavirus. Today, its 24 million people have only 373 cases and 5 deaths. There are few new cases. Their curve is almost flat. Taiwan proves that we don’t have to make a choice between saving lives and having a booming economy.  We can do

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Wear A Mask When You Go Out For Food! Use Homemade or Improvise If Necessary!

Taiwan has most effective program to stop #coronavirus in world.  Czech Republic is most successful in Europe. Both have #Masks4ALL – #MasksForALL. Until I get real surgical mask, am wearing sleep mask for eyes over my nose and mouth whenever I go out for food.  It may be only 75% effective, but that is much

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Taiwan With 24 Million People First To Be Exposed Has 238 Cases, 2 Deaths. Metro NY/NJ With 13 Million Has 55,000 Cases, 658 Deaths. Why?

Photo by World Magazine.  Click here for its March 26, 2020 article “How Taiwan Fended Off The Corona Virus”.  Why isn’t this headline news in daily newspapers and TV Network news” This island nation of Taiwan with 23 million people is the only part of China not conquered and occupied by the Chinese Communist Party

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Democrats Most Responsible for Coronavirus In Metro New York Now Falsely Blame Trump

Here are some recent posts from our Liberty and Prosperity Facebook page and LandP1776 Twitter.   We sometimes repost them on this website because our social media posts are so often blocked, “shadow banned” or “throttled down”. On March 2, Democrat Mayor Bill DiBlasio kept subways running without social space and urged New Yorkers to

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