NJ Renewable Energy Costs

Wind power generated electricity is supposed to be cheaper than electricity from either nuclear or natural gas.  Here are three recent articles concerning renewable energy costs to the consumer and some of the comments concerning costs The electricity produced by the Ocean Wind project is expected to cost $98.10 per megawatt hour with a 2%

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Primary Awareness

After Labor Day,  “Vote, Vote, Vote !!!” is loudly proclaimed from the rooftops. But where is all this excitement  about voting in the Primary elections? Real democracy happens in Primary Season – starting in January and ending not long after Memorial Day. Talk to your friends, family, and social clubs starting in January. Don’t accept

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Energy Election Thoughts

By Alex Epstein https://industrialprogress.com   Thought on the election: the need for a pro-reality, pro-science defense of fossil fuels As I write this the outcome of the national elections is still uncertain–and it may remain uncertain for days or weeks to come. However, there is one strong lesson I think we can take in the

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Affordable Energy for New Jersey

Several weeks ago, the New Jersey EPA issued a report outlining the steps that must be imposed on New Jersey residents to achieve the energy and climate change goals of The Murphy Energy Plan. The report reads like Central Planning lite. It will force transformation of energy production, restrict energy use and impose significant costs.

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Petroleum Is Needed To Make Roughly 6,000 Products We Need. What Would Life Be Like If We Had To Leave It In The Ground?

Guest Post by Fred Willis,  For additional information on the importance of petroleum to human life see `If We “Keep It In The Ground, We Won’t Even Have Any ‘Green’ Energy!”  Posted October 13, 2020     Click here or above for full article. Click here for previous post:  “If We Keep It In The

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NJ Track My Ballot Breaks its Promise

The key promise of Track My Ballot is that if one’s ballot is rejected, then one can see that online, contact the board of elections, and fix it in time so that your right to vote is not infringed. But now we find out that whether one’s ballot is accepted or rejected will not be

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