When They ‘Remind’ Us of Hiroshima. Remind Them of ‘Forgotten Holocaust’.

Men, Women, Children Murdered By Japanese Litter Steps in Nanking, China in 1937.

On August 6, 1945, America dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.?? Three days later, we dropped another one on Nagasaki.? Both bombs killed roughly 200,000 Japanese.

Every August, our newspapers and radio and TV news remind us of this.

However, they rarely mention that those two atomic bombs saved millions of other lives?far more than the 200,000 that were killed in those two cities.? Part of it was by ending the “forgotten Holocaust” in China.

Until those bombs were dropped, Japan was prepared to fight to the bitter end, just like Nazi Germany.? Had they done so, ?the war against Japan would have dragged on for many more years.? Millions of soldiers from Japan, China, and the United States, together with millions of unarmed men, women, and children in Japan Japanese occupied lands in China and elsewhere in Asia would have also died.

Even worse, the news never tells us of the “forgotten Holocaust”explains why Japan attacked us and started its war against us.? Our schools and colleges never teach this to our children.? There are few if any movies or documentaries about this on mainstream TV.?? Why?

Picking up survivors from U.S. Battleships West Virginia and Tennessee in Pearl Harbor hours after Japanese attacked while their diplomats having peace talks with us.

On December 7, 1941, Japanese planes attacked our ships and airplanes in Hawaii and the Philippines, and killed nearly 3,000 Americans.? They did it without warning, while their diplomats were in the middle of peace talks with us.

Japan attacked us because we refused to sell them our oil.?? We stopped selling them oil because Japan had invaded China and Vietnam, and had brutally murdered more than a million unarmed men, women, and children there.

Four years earlier, in 1937, Japan invaded China because its rulers believe Japan had the right to rule over Asia, as Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy had the right to rule over Europe.

When the Chinese fought back, the Japanese began a war of extermination similar to what Hitler?s Nazi?s would later do to Jews.

In 1937, Japanese officers had competitions with each other over who could behead the most Chinese prisoners. They often posed for photos like this with severed heads as trophies.

Japanese soldiers were ordered to murder as many Chinese men, women, and children as they could.

In December of 1937, the Japanese Army occupied the Chinese capital city of Nanking.? The city was crowded with nearly a million residents, refugees, and Chinese soldiers who had surrendered.

A handful of Americans risked their lives to take these photographs and tell the world what the Japanese were doing in China.

For the next eight weeks, Japanese soldiers went on an eight week killing spree.? They murdered anywhere from 300,000 to 600,000 Chinese men, women, and children with bullets, bayonets, and starvation.?? This was two to three times the number killed by America’s two atomic bombs.

This “Nanking Massacre” is best told in a little known 90 minute documentary by SnagFilms LLC called ?Nanking?.?? Click here to view it on YouTube.

It is also told in the book ?Rape of Nanking? by Iris Chang.

Iris Chang was born in Princeton, NJ.? She was viciously attacked by both Japanese and Communist Chinese for publishing this work, and died in 2004 after “sudden bouts of depression” at age 36.

Besides their mass murder of Chinese civilians and prisoners of war, Japanese soldiers raped roughly 20,000 women and young girls, before murdering most of them and mutilating their bodies.

Nazi Germany’s top diplomat in Nanking was so shocked that he urged Adolf Hitler to persuade the Japanese government to stop the murders.

Several Americans in Nanking risked their lives to protect as many Chinese as they could, take photographs, interview witnesses, and tell their story to the American people.

When they learned of these atrocities, many Americans became so angry, they organized a boycott of Japanese goods, and persuaded our government to stop selling oil to Japan until it ended its brutal occupation of China and Vietnam.?? Japan refused.? It instead attacked us without warning.

Why don?t our media, schools, and colleges tell only half the story??? Why do they remind us that we dropped atomic bombs on Japan, but never explain what the Japanese did in China and why those bombs were needed to stop them?

Is it because the Communist Regime in Russia waged a continuous psychological war against us since the 1920’s??? Is it because the Russians intensified that psychological war during the ?Cold War? of the 1950?s and 1960?s.

The goal of psychological war is to persuade your enemy not to resist your efforts to defeat it.?? This is done by persuading citizens of your enemy that their country is corrupt, violent, and evil, and not worth defending.

Many commentators, including former Russian agent Yuri Bezmenov, claimed that the Russians won their psychological war against us by the 1990?s.

They say Russia no longer needs much psychological warfare to destroy America, because America?s media, schools, and opinion makers are doing its job for them.

A common propaganda technique is ?omission?.?? It uses some truth, but other truth is ?omitted?.?? For example, Americans are often reminded of bad things Americans did in the past, but not reminded of good things.? At the same time, Americans are told only of good things done by other nations, especially socialist nations, but not of bad things.? Although no lies are told, this propaganda technique effectively distorts the perception of reality.

Please remember that this week, when you read or hear stories about the ?horrible? American atomic bombs used against the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August of 1945.

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