140 Coronavirus Cases at Ancora Psychiatric Hospital, 391 in Atlantic County Nursing Homes

During the past week (Apr 24 to May 1), coronavirus cases in Atlantic County almost doubled from 544 to 1,012.  Deaths increased from 30 to 45.   Does that mean we are in danger of becoming a “hot spot”?  Does that mean we need a longer lockdown to be safe? We

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Is NJ’s Failed Lockdown As Useless As Its Fake “Dollar A Day” Car Insurance?

There are many reason’s why six weeks of lockdown in New Jersey did not control a virus with a 10 day incubation period. New Jersey was late with #masks4all, never required the most basic safety measures in nursing and veteran homes, and did nothing to deal with large numbers of

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Did Years of “Free” Trips & Exchange Programs with Chinese Communists Blind US To Coronavirus Danger? And To Taiwan’s Success In Stopping It?

During the past ten years, the Chinese Communist Party regime invested much money and talent to establish friendships and loyalties with leading politicians, business leaders, and public school and college teachers and administrators in Atlantic County, one of the smallest in New Jersey.  Did they do this in every county

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Does This 2012 Article on “Culture of Mediocrity” In US Military Also Explain Failures In US Public Health Today?

Thomas E. Ricks is an American journalist and author who specializes in military and national security issues.  He has reported on wars and military deployments in Somalia, Haiti, Korea, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Kuwait, Turkey, Afghanistan and Iraq.  He also published several books including Fiasco, The American Military Adventure in Iraq

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Somers Point Sand Fort. In 1812, Locals Didn’t Wait For Federal Govt.

Sand Fort Monument at New Jersey Ave. and Beach, Somers Point, NJ As we struggle with coronavirus, this Sand Fort Monument reminds us of when Americans didn’t wait for Federal govt. to protect themselves & families. During War of 1812, locals formed, trained, & equipped own militia and built own

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Do Coronavirus Restrictions Violate US or NJ Constitutions?

Even when America was great, and a free constitutional republic, there were times when federal and state governments denied citizens some of their fundamental and Constitutional rights.  Federal and state courts permitted this when they agreed there was a “compelling state (government) interest” to do so. What are our “fundamental

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Murphy Is Wrong. We Need Bankruptcy (Or Constitutional Debt Reduction) To Save New Jersey!

New Jersey’s state government debt is not sustainable.  It was not sustainable years ago, long before coronavirus. Coronavirus simply brought us to the day of reckoning quicker.  Only bankruptcy or Constitutional debt reduction can fix the problem.  Most New Jersey taxpayers want to get out of this state.  The last

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More Lockdown Isn’t Safety. Back to Work Isn’t Death

This is how the hate-America, pro-socialist media and Democratic Party leaders and elected officials portrayed Americans who peacefully marched for their right to safely return to work after patiently complying with all guidelines during six weeks of lockdown.  The original announced goal of the lockdown was to “flatten the curve”

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