What “Compelling” State or Government Interest Justifies This?

Both the U.S. and NJ State Constitutions recognize the “unalienable” rights of each citizen to work and enjoy his or her life.  Courts have ruled that fundamental, constitutional rights can only be abridged if there is a “compelling state or governmental interest” to protect lives or property.  Coronavirus rarely threatens

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Are Democrats Again The Party of Worthless “Confederate” Paper Money?

In 1861, eleven southern states with Democratic Party majorities attempted to withdraw from the United States after Republican Abraham Lincoln defeated their candidate, and became President.  The “Confederate” government they formed printed paper money to pay its bills.  This “Confederate money” quickly became worthless because it was not backed by

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WE Contained The Virus. Not Murphy. Not Fauci. We Know How To Keep Ourselves & Our Families Safe Without Lockdowns & Shutdowns.

We kept ourselves informed.  We stayed home if we were sick. We took our temperatures. We kept our hands away from our faces.  We washed our hands often.  We kept our distance. We didn’t cough, sneeze, or breathe on other people whether we wore a mask or not. We flattened

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Are Today’s Media As Biased Against White Males As KKK Propaganda Was Biased Against Black Males in Old South?

The Associated Press story “Ga. death recalls U.S. history of race terror” on the front page of the Region section of the May 10, 2020 Press of Atlantic City is a perfect example of how they are. Frame of video showing struggle between Travis McMichael (left) and Ahmaud Arbery (right)

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Is Most Coronavirus in Atlantic County, NJ Tied to Nursing Homes? If So, Why Lock Up The Rest of Us?

Atlantic County today reported a total of 1,494 corona virus cases and 72 deaths. This is an increase of 71 cases and 4 death since yesterday.  That number is not good and indicates a doubling in less than two weeks.  Should we be alarmed?  Should the lockdown continue? We don’t

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“Identity Politics” Explains Why Schools, Media, Celebrities & Corporate Giants All Promote The Lies of “International Women’s Day”

Just over a hundred years ago, the Communist dictators of Russia made March 8 their “International Women’s Day”.  It was part of their plan to destroy families as independent economic and social units. Today, that Communist holiday is an important part of American popular culture. Two weeks ago, every Microsoft

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Murphy’s Law: Insult & Restrict Healthy People Who Spread Coronavirus Least. Increase Mobility For Infected Homeless & Prisoners Who Spread It Most.

How #NewJersey #NJ #Democrat #Governor Phil #Murphy exploits #coronavirus #Covid19 #CCPVirus with ineffective but #politicallycorrect #lockdown.  Please share this on Facebook and Twitter before we are banished from those platforms.   Please also subscribe to our email updates.  Thanks.  Seth Grossman

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Amy Kennedy, “Progressive” Democratic Candidate For Congress Shows Dangerous Ignorance Of History.

Amy Kennedy, a “progressive” Democratic candidate for Congress in South Jersey & said to be a former history teacher, showed dangerous ignorance of history by embracing this international Communist & Nazi holiday May Day or May First holiday last Friday.  Socialists, including Communist Socialists and Nazis or “National Socialists” have

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