When America Was Great, Almost Every American Child Knew Of Richard Somers.

They also knew his remarkable story.  Today, both are all but forgotten–even here in Somers Point where he was born. This is a national tragedy.  The stories of Richard Somers and other Americans like him teach the greatness and goodness of America.   That is why those who now run our schools, colleges, media, and entertainment

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When They ‘Remind’ Us of Hiroshima. Remind Them of ‘Forgotten Holocaust’.

Men, Women, Children Murdered By Japanese Litter Steps in Nanking, China in 1937. On August 6, 1945, America dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.?? Three days later, we dropped another one on Nagasaki.? Both bombs killed roughly 200,000 Japanese. Every August, our newspapers and radio and TV news remind us of

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Last Year Was GOP Disaster. National, NJ State Leaders Still Clueless.

Until I injected MAGA into October 2018 Stockton U. Debate, No Republican ever pushed? back against “unbeatable” Democrat Jeff Van Drew (Photo by Stockton U.) Last year was a disaster for Republicans.? Republicans lost 40 seats to Democrats in the House of Representatives.? Republicans lost 5 winnable seats here in New Jersey. The NRCC (National

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High Cost and Low Return of a Stockton Education

Until the 1970’s, a summer of work on the Boardwalk more than paid for a year of room, board, and tuition at Stockton and all state colleges. Now a year of state college is $25K and most students leave with $36K of student loan debt. What happened? State college administrators and professors get lavish salaries

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Three Classic Propaganda Techniques. Teachable Moments.

The mainstream media here in NJ applied three classic propaganda techniques in its biggest stories last week.  These techniques were perfected by Communist leader Vladimir Lenin in Russia, and public relations pioneer Edward Bernays in America just over a hundred years ago. Both Lenin and Bernays were admired and imitated by German National Socialist (Nazi)

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July 4, 1776: Americans Declared These Self-Evident Truths — Not Just Independence.

“I never had a feeling politically that did not spring from the sentiments embodied in the Declaration of Independence. . .” Abraham Lincoln, 1861 In 1861, Lincoln made a short speech at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, while on his way to Washington. In it, Lincoln reminded Americans that our Declaration of Independence was about far

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