July 4, 1776: Americans Declared These Self-Evident Truths — Not Just Independence.

“I never had a feeling politically that did not spring from the sentiments embodied in the Declaration of Independence. . .” Abraham Lincoln, 1861 In 1861, Lincoln made a short speech at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, while on his way to Washington. In it, Lincoln reminded Americans that our Declaration of Independence was about far

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Democrats Today Demand 100% of Their Illegals in Census. Before 1860, They Agreed to Count Only 3/5 of Their Slaves.

Last month’s very bad U.S. Supreme Court case reminds us how important the census was in running our country since our Constitution was adopted in 1787. At that time, Southern slave owners wanted more voting power in Congress and choosing the President by counting their slaves in the census.? ?Delegates from free states opposed this.

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As Evil as ‘Dred Scott’: Supreme Court Rewards Illegal “Sanctuaries” With More Votes in Congress, Electoral College.

Last Thursday, ?the U.S. Supreme Court voted 5-4 to destroy yet another key element of our Constitution and the rule of law.? It ordered our President to count illegal aliens as citizens in next year?s census. Chief Justice Roberts, a George Bush ?progressive? Republican, again voted with the four radical Democrats.? Roberts wrote that it’s

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More proof that Democrats started this hate long before Trump.

  This 2015 cartoon is but one of many that were routinely published in “mainstream” daily newspapers like our own PressofAtlanticCity.com after Barack Obama became President in 2009.? These distorted, sinister images are called “Stuermer” (Stormtrooper) caricatures. ? They take their name from that Nazi newspaper which used them so effectively in the 1920s &

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Memorial Day 2019 — Let’s Not Forget.

Submitted by Catherine Mondy-Boyce, Delmont, Cumberland County, NJ Memorial Day is an opportunity to treat family and friends to BBQ made with that ?secret rub”, go to a ballpark and cheer on the home team, or cool off at the local pool. But before we enjoy the day, it is important to remember why we

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If We Can’t Defend Americans Like Kate Smith, We Can’t Defend America.

Kate Smith quit nursing school at age 19 to sing for a show in Atlantic City. She then moved up to Broadway.? Four years later, she was writing and recording hit songs for Columbia records, and singing on national radio. On November 11, 1938, Kate introduced Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America” on national radio. That

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