Why Are Trump Poll Numbers Dropping? Fear of Virus? Fear of More Blue State Bailouts? Or Something Else?

Yesterday, Trump’s Rasmussen approval rating dropped to 42%.  This was its lowest in two years. Rasmussen is reliable and consistent. It was one of the few to predict Trump’s victory in 2016.  It uses the same methods to measure the approval of every President every day. Non-stop attacks and lies

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Zero Coronavirus Cases At Open Somers Point Post Office. 81% Of Deaths In Locked-Down Atlantic County Nursing Homes

While sending a package today, I was told today that not a single employee of the busy Somers Point Post Office tested positive for #coronavirus during the past 11 weeks. During those same 11 weeks of lockdown in New Jersey, 119 residents and one employee died of COVID-19 in sixteen

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Is Poor Physical Health As Deadly As #Coronavirus For Too Many Americans?

Rillito River Park near northern foothills of Tucson, Arizona has popular walking, jogging, and biking baths. Photo by Craig Sams. Is poor physical health as deadly as #coronavirus for too many Americans? Every few years, I visit my cousins in Tucson, Arizona for a wedding, bar or bat mitzvah or

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“Lockdowns” Delay Infections & Deaths. They Don’t Stop Them. But Democrat Governors & Media Lie & Say They Do. And Then Falsely Blame Us For Their Failures!

The time to contain or stop coronavirus was last February.   Back in March, we posted how Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong did it. They started travel bans in January, and quarantined everyone infected and their contacts in February.  Click here for “Taiwan Is Free, Non-Communist China. Its 23 Million

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Why Don’t Either of These “Progressive” Democrat “Empower Women” Candidates for Congress Demand Immediate Re-Opening of Day Care Centers for All?

Amy Kennedy (above) and Brigid Harrison (below) are both running in the July 7 Primary Election to be the Democratic Party candidate for House of Representatives in South Jersey to run against now Republican Jeff Van Drew in November.  Both claim that only a “progressive” woman can promote “women’s rights”

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If NJ Were Still A Constitutional Republic, Courts and Legislature Would Have Thrown Out Murphy’s Orders Months Ago!

Four page “Order Closing Atilis Gym Located At 363 W Browning Rd, Bellmawr” posted on right is signed by NJ Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli.  She issued her order in violation of every element of “due process”.  She issued the order without any evidence to support her claim that preventing young,

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Facebook Is Lying and “Throttling” Us. Please Help Us Work Around It. Here’s How.

It started last January, when we shared these articles about the Australian brushfires. Facebook falsely accused us of posting “False Information”.   It posted the below notice next to our post falsely claiming that our post contained “false information”.  It did not deny the truth of what we posted. It

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2008 and Now. When Our Civil Liberties Are Denied, ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) Nowhere To Be Found

In 2008, New Jersey Democratic Governor (and also former Goldman Sachs Wall Street Bank executive) Jon Corzine held a series of public “Town Hall Meetings” to promote his plan to “monetize” New Jersey’s toll roads with massive toll hikes.  He said his plan was best and invited citizens to attend

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