Proposed Transgender Policy for Egg Harbor Twp Schools Should Have Been Biggest Issue In This Year’s Elections

Egg Harbor Township is a suburb of Atlantic City, NJ with a diverse population of 43,296.  Its high school has 2,366 students. Less than a week before this year’s elections, the Board of Education of Egg Harbor Township, introduced a proposed “Transgender Student Policy”.  The Board plans to finally adopt

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Radical Changes In Immigration, Schools Causing “Blue Wave” in NJ Suburbs – Not Trump.

This post is in response to recent article in North Jersey Record “Election 2019 Is Done.  Now Suburban Towns Are Target for 2020”.   Click here for link. Republican State Senate candidate Michael Testa, and GOP Assembly candidates Erik Simonsen and Antwan McClellan won important elections in Cape May and Cumberland

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Letters to the Editor: How to Write Them and Why They Work. Get Published!

Each week, our Liberty and Prosperity messages reach thousands of people in the South Jersey area through our radio spots, Facebook, Twitter, and our email updates.   However, very few of us are writing letters to the editor.  Let’s change that! Writing a letter to the editor is easier than

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Whitman & Florio: NJ’s Stockton University To Honor Two Of Our Worst Ex-Governors

Last week, Former NJ Republican Governor Christie Todd Whitman tweeted:  “Hitler has nothing on Trump”.  She later deleted it after being harshly criticized.  Image by Associated Press. On Thursday, Nov 14, Stockton’s “Hughes Center for Public Policy” will honor former GOP Governor Christie Todd Whitman and former Democratic Governor Jim

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A Week of Lies About Climate and Biden. All Aimed At Trump, America and Us.

  The lead stories of almost every newspaper, radio, and TV news program were virtually identical to the “Young protesters around globe demand action” and “Trump urges Ukraine to investigate Biden’s son” articles of the Associated Press, published in last Saturday’s “Press of Atlantic City”.  They all repeated the same

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How September 17 Became “Anti-Constitution Day” at Stockton University (And Almost Every College and Public School).

  In 2004, a Republican-majority Congress, with good intentions, required virtually all public schools and colleges in America to “hold an education program on the U.S. Constitution” each year on September 17. Unfortunately, Stockton University, like most public schools and colleges in America, is run by “progressive” Democrats.  Day after

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What Every School Should Teach on ‘Constitution Day’ Tomorrow, September 17

In 2004, President Bush and a Republican-majority Congress required every “educational institution that received Federal funds” to hold an “education program on the U.S. Constitution” each year on September 17. This law was adopted with good intentions.   The U.S. Constitution was approved by the Constitutional Convention on September 17, 1787.

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On September 11, 1683, Followers Of The Prophet Blew Up The Walls That Protected Vienna. Is That Why They Picked That Day To Attack Us?

On September 11, 1683, the invading Turks exploded underground bombs to collapse large sections of wall protecting Vienna’s outnumbered defenders. Most Americans know little about history, and care even less.   However, our enemies are obsessed with it.  They often talk of obscure events from a thousand years ago as if

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