The Evil At Stockton U. “How Did Things Ever Get So Far?” Any Hope Of Fixing It?

Vito Corleone speaks to other leaders at emergency meeting of the Five Families.  “How did things ever get so far?”  Hollywood Movie “The Godfather”, 1972 Stockton University, like all institutions and organizations, has a natural tendency to become rotten and corrupt over time. The Bible describes this in its stories

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NJ’s Stockton U. Goes Full Orwell. . . & Kafka. Threatens Student With Suspension, Fine & Re-Education for “Bias Incident” of Displaying Photo of President On Own Computer! today put national spotlight on Stockton University’s false claims of “bias incident” and misuse of “Campus Conduct Code”  to bully and punish one of its doctoral students who openly opposed its “woke” BLM agenda. Click photo or here for full Breitbart Article. Click here for original FIRE (Foundation for

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Professional Sports Are Perfect Examples Of How American Dream Works. Why Are Professional Athletes Trashing It?

Click here for full story in August 9, 2020 So even white staff are “encouraged” to wear “Black Lives Matter” shirts? What I find most disgusting is that for years, professional sports were perfect examples of how the American Dream worked. They proved the stupidity of judging people by

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Palestinian Prof at NJ’s Rutgers University Falsely Teaches That Suicide Car Attack “An Accident”.

  “The car looks like from the video that it lost control,” Rutgers University law professor Noura Erakat recently fantasized about her Palestinian cousin’s June 23 death; her cousin was clearly filmed in a car ramming attack near Jerusalem. Gov. Murphy and his Democrat majority in NJ State Senate and Assembly are trying to borrow

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Rosemarie Martelli
Rosemarie Martelli
1 year ago

Seth, Please encourage people to use Duckduckgo as their search engine instead of Google.

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