Help Us Defend Rush Limbaugh Against Fake News Attacks.

I and most constitutional conservatives agree that nobody in America today deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom more than talk radio pioneer Rush Limbaugh. We know that if America survives as a constitutional republic,  with limited government that secures individual rights, during the next difficult years, it will be largely

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Five Explanations On Why So Many Friends & Family Members Hate Trump. Five Suggestions On How To Plant Seeds of Doubt In Their Minds.

Most Trump-haters hate Trump voters and supporters even more than they hate Trump.  Last Saturday, CNN’s Don Lemon, Bush/GOP campaign consultant Rick Wilson, and NY Times Political Reporter could not contain their laughter as they mocked Trump supporters on CNN for being dumb, illiterate “boomer rubes”.  “Progressive” Democrats posted dozens

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This US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) Is Awful. Please Tell President Trump–And Everyone You Know!

The US- Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) is a VERY bad deal for Americans.  It was presented to Congress by President Trump last July, after two years of negotiations with the leaders of Mexico and Canada and dozens of special interest groups in all three countries .  Last December, it was approved

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The “Progressive” Left Is Also Hijacking America’s Churches

Last week I wrote how as one Jewish individual, I am working against anti-Israel, anti-America “progressive” leftists in the online World Zionist Organization (WZO) elections during the next two months.  Since then, several Christian friends told me of similar battles going on within their churches. Here are excerpts of some

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You Don’t Have To Be Jewish To Care About World Zionist Elections

Although “woke” and “progressive” blacks in the Democrat strongholds of New York and Jersey City murdered two Jews and viciously attacked some two dozen others in the last two weeks of December, the signs and rhetoric of Establishment Jewish organizers of the January 5  March Against Anti-Semitism in New York

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Should Constitutional/Liberty Conservatives Support Our Newly Republican Congressman Jeff Van Drew?

Seth Grossman on left as Republican, Jeff Van Drew on right as Democrat, as candidates for Congress at October, 2018 debate at Stockton University. By Seth Grossman Reprinted from January 3, 2020 Press of Atlantic City.  Click here for original article. It’s complicated.  There are many good reasons for us

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What the Constitution Says About Impeachment

 Democratic President John F. Kennedy was a Senator from Massachusetts in when he published this book in 1955.  It tells of of a handful of Republican Senators who stopped the conviction and removal of Democratic President Andrew Johnson.   Johnson was impeached by a Republican majority in the House of

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Hanukkah — The Jewish Holiday of Miracles That Inspired Early Christians

The Jewish 8-day holiday of Hanukkah (Hebrew for “Dedication”) began last Sunday evening.  Two thousand years ago, it was a major Jewish festival of miracles that inspired Jews and early Christians alike.  Later, Jewish religious leaders suppressed and ignored both the holiday and the story behind it.  Meanwhile, early Christians

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