Three Weeks & Three Articles Later, Media Still Refuses To Publish Photo Of White Murder Victim. Can’t Distract From Narrative.

“Mainstream” daily newspapers like showed side by side photos of accused and victims for Ahmoud Arbery and George Floyd deaths where whites were accused, and victims were black. This is third front page article on this murder. This newspaper did not publish photo of victim, which would disclose that

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Help Me Fight NJ Governor Murphy’s Big Lie About Racism In America.

  “Atlantic City was the place to be, better than Philadelphia or New York City even. It held the promise of long-term work as waiters, waitresses, cooks, porters, doormen, bellhops, busboys, chambermaids and more, and there was room for advancement in every field, especially for educated Negroes. Ruby Lee and

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Google, Facebook, You Tube Have Turned George Orwell’s “1984” Fiction of Future Nightmare Into Today’s Reality.

This invitation to a tutorial on “Understanding Racial Injustice in America” now appear at the top of every YouTube search page. Last week, one of these videos popped up uninvited several times each day in the timeline of almost every Facebook user in America.  Ironically, many of these videos were

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Are This Week’s Press of Atlantic City Headlines Like Those of Hateful & Dishonest Nazi Newspapers of 1930s?

Besides spewing hate, these oversized “Declaration of War” headlines promote one lie after another. They assume that “angry” protests are in response to real grievances, and are not over conditions that don’t exist. There is no systematic police brutality in America. George Floyd was killed by one bad cop in

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Even Worse Than Falsely Blaming Whites For Crimes They Didn’t Commit. Bullying Them To Confess!

Hundreds of guilt-ridden whites apologize for their “privilege”.  Pledge allegiance to Black Lives Matter agenda.  At Connie Morella Public Library.  Bethesda, Maryland on Tuesday, June 2, 2020. George Floyd was killed by a bad cop who should have been fired years ago.  He was kept on because the Minneapolis Police

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Would Press of Atlantic City Have Published Her Photo If Races Were Reversed?

Photos like this of Tracy Lynn DuBois, a 37 year old lifelong resident of Bridgeton, NJ are readily available online.  Yet no photo of her appeared in stories of her murder in the Press of Atlantic City or Ganett (USA Today) Daily Journal.  Both newspapers reported that Bridgeton police arrested

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Lyft Joins Media, Hollywood, Schools & Other Big Corporations To Promote Big Lie of “Systemic Racism” In US

George Floyd was killed by a bad cop who didn’t get fired because Minneapolis had a corrupt and mismanaged city government run by Democrats.  The police chief was black.  Three years earlier, a white women was senselessly shot to death by a black police officer in that same police department. 

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Will Atlantic City, County, & NJ Law Enforcement Use Videos, Offer Rewards To Identify, Arrest & Prosecute Rioters Like Him?

Still close-up frame of video taken by Amy Rosenberg of Philadelphia Inquirer of so-far unidentified and not yet arrested rioter stealing four boxes of shoes from Vans at TheWalk Outlet Shops in Atlantic City on May 31, 2020. It shouldn’t be too hard to identify and locate dozens of rioters

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