You Don’t Have To Be Jewish To Care About World Zionist Elections

Although “woke” and “progressive” blacks in the Democrat strongholds of New York and Jersey City murdered two Jews and viciously attacked some two dozen others in the last two weeks of December, the signs and rhetoric of Establishment Jewish organizers of the January 5  March Against Anti-Semitism in New York

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Should Constitutional/Liberty Conservatives Support Our Newly Republican Congressman Jeff Van Drew?

Seth Grossman on left as Republican, Jeff Van Drew on right as Democrat, as candidates for Congress at October, 2018 debate at Stockton University. By Seth Grossman Reprinted from January 3, 2020 Press of Atlantic City.  Click here for original article. It’s complicated.  There are many good reasons for us

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What the Constitution Says About Impeachment

 Democratic President John F. Kennedy was a Senator from Massachusetts in when he published this book in 1955.  It tells of of a handful of Republican Senators who stopped the conviction and removal of Democratic President Andrew Johnson.   Johnson was impeached by a Republican majority in the House of

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Hanukkah — The Jewish Holiday of Miracles That Inspired Early Christians

The Jewish 8-day holiday of Hanukkah (Hebrew for “Dedication”) began last Sunday evening.  Two thousand years ago, it was a major Jewish festival of miracles that inspired Jews and early Christians alike.  Later, Jewish religious leaders suppressed and ignored both the holiday and the story behind it.  Meanwhile, early Christians

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Re-Enactment at Trenton Remembers Christmas Miracle of 1776 That Saved America.

Photo from For the first time since 2016, hundreds of re-enactors crossed the Delaware River just north of Trenton on Christmas Day yesterday.   They dressed as soldiers of the state militias and Continental Army of 1776 and rowed the same large  “Durham” boats  used by them to row

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Liberty And Prosperity Is A Most Worthy Charity

In almost every speech he made, Abraham Lincoln reminded Americans that our nation was “conceived in liberty” with the “sentiments embodied in this Declaration”.   With more liberty, there is more prosperity.  With more liberty and prosperity, there is more charity.  Our organization, Liberty And Prosperity takes its name from

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In Those Days, There Was No King In Israel. Everyone Did As He Pleased. Judges 21:25

Last Nov 16th,  10 yr old Micah “Dew” Tennant of Atlantic City was fatally shot in Pleasantville while watching a championship high school football game with Camden with members of his family.   He was shot by 31 year old Atlantic City man who was not in any way connected

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Thanksgiving When America Was Great.

We “Boomers” are the last generation to remember Thanksgiving before “woke” public schools, TV Football, cellphones at the table, and the rush to catch early Christmas sales. Classic 1941 “Freedom from Want” Painting by Norman Rockwell Celebrating The American Way of Life.    For weeks before Thanksgiving, our elementary school

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