Free China Taiwan Is “Safe” from Coronavirus Without Shutting Down Anything! Why Isn’t This News?

Frequent, random temperature checks is one of 124 “action items” taken by Taiwan to make its 23 million people “safe” from the coronavirus.   Photo by NBCnews.                 Taiwan stopped the #coronavirus without shutting down their country.  Taiwan is Free China — the only province of China not conquered and occupied

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Bezmenov: Here’s How We Take Over Countries Without War: 1-20 Years of “Demoralization”, 2-5 Years of “Destabilization”, then 6 Weeks of “Crisis”.

Yuri Bezmenov was one of several high ranking Russian KGB agents to escape to US in 1970’s and 1980’s.  His mission was to help take over India.  His old classmate, Stanislav Levchenko was assigned to take over Japan.   The highest ranking defector was Romanian head of intelligence Ion Pacepa. 

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Johns Hopkins “Coronavirus COVID-19” Interactive Map:  An Impartial, Up-To-Date Source of Information

Click here to view the Johns Hopkins “Coronavirus COVID-19” Interactive Map. It shows the number of cases, deaths, and recoveries country by country, region by region.  It posts information reported by each country and region.  It is updated every few hours.  The yellow dots on the chart on the

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Taiwan Is Free, Non-Communist China. Its 23 Million People Are Safe From Coronavirus.

Taiwan quickly imposed travel bans, did random temperature checks, imposed mandatory quarantines for anyone suspected of having the disease–and heavy fines for anyone who lied to authorities about their health or contact with infected people or who disregarded quarantine orders.  Photo by NBC News. The 23 million people of #Taiwan

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Jewish Holiday of Purim. Christian Support for Trump.

Persian Law dictated that anyone who approached the Emperor without an invitation was to be killed — unless the Emperor raised his golden scepter.  Queen Esther approaches the Emperor without an invitation to tell him details of Haman’s plot to kill all Jews and take their property.   Most evangelical

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Dem Gov. Murphy Ignores Black & Islamic Anti-Semitism, Falsely Blames Whites, Shuts Down Free Speech

David Anderson (age 47) and Francine Graham (age 50) on left murdered two Jews, a police officer, and a bystander in Jersey City last December 10.  They murdered an Uber driver with a Jewish name in Bayonne, NJ the week before. They had many guns and bombs and hundreds of

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Rev. Michael’s Brutally Honest, Inspiring Message at Feb 22 Fundraiser

  Rev. Thomas C. Michael was keynote speaker at this year’s February Fundraiser.  Sal’s Coal Fired Pizza in Somers Point hosted the event and surprised many with an outstanding, elegant breakfast in their new banquet room.  Although we filled the room, we still need a few thousand dollars more to

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Nine Concerns About $1,600,000,000 NJ Wind Turbine Project 15 Miles In Ocean

Representatives of Orsted, a Danish wind energy company held a “Community Meeting” or “Open House” at the Ocean City Tabernacle on Saturday, February 8.  Their format did not permit public questions and answers. They instead asked the roughly 100 residents who attended to ask their questions in one on one

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