5 Point Program for 2019

#1. Secure our borders and enforce immigration laws. Massive, uncontrolled immigration began in America for the first time in 1965. It was pushed through by Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy with little debate or discussion. It was done at the request of various international organizations heavily influenced or controlled by Communist Russia and China at the height of their “Cold War” against America. It was designed to divide, weaken, and destroy America. After 43 years, it is on the verge of total success. President Trump is the first national leader to recognize the problem and take action to stop it. He deserves our support on this issue.

#2. Make talent, work, and achievement, not politics, the keys to success in American again.America was created in 1776 when we declared that each of us is created equal, and endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights. Among these is the right of each of us to pursue happiness by being free to make the most important decisions concerning our own lives. We must never allow politicians or other government officials to gain or increase their political power by depriving any American of that freedom and to reward or punish people based on race, religion, or political influence.

#3. Repudiate Unconstitutional State Government Debt. After Americas first economic collapse in 1837, New Jersey adopted a State Constitution that made it illegal for state government to borrow money or incur obligations without the approval of voters. During the past 40 years, both Republicans and Democrats created $221 billion in state debts and obligations in blatant violation of our State Constitution. They systematically raise taxes every year to pay for it. They appointed judges who allowed state government create ?independent authorities to borrow massive amounts without voter approval, and by promising pensions without setting aside money to pay for them. For years, we proposed fixing this problem by refusing to bail out insolvent authorities (like when we bailed out the NJ “Transportation Authority” with big gas tax hike) and capping unfunded pensions from insolvent state pension funds to $100K per year.

#4. Teach critical, independent thinking skills, and the importance of America’s Constitution and culture of individual liberty and limited government in public schools and colleges again. The future of America depends on citizens who can recognize and reject fake history, fake science, fake news, and other dishonest propaganda that attack and ridicule the institutions and ideas that made America exceptional and great.

#5. “Preserve, protect, and defend” our Constitution. We oppose dangerous proposals by both radical/”progressive” Democrats and so-called conservatives to change or amend our Constitution. Most conservatives already oppose liberal/”progressive” judges who change our U.S. Constitution without following the amendment process by giving completely different meanings to words used in our Constitution than what the framers intended. We also oppose judges who claim the right to rewrite portions of the Constitution they disagree with by claiming the framers would have written the Constitution differently if they were alive today. However, we also oppose calls by certain conservatives for an “Article V Convention” to propose amendments to our Constitution. We are convinced that any such Convention would be dominated by far-left “progressive” Democrats and socialists who would repeal or greatly change the First, Second, and Tenth Amendments, abolish the Electoral College, and make other changes that would increase the power and cost of the central government, while removing needed protections of our individual liberty.

6 thoughts on “5 Point Program for 2019”

  1. I am a new comer to your organization. After reading your 9 point program I was in agreement with almost all of it, especially when it came to immigration. We now have a governor who wants to make NJ a sanctuary state so its good to know we have an organization who wants enforce the federal immigration laws as it would be better for NJ legal residents.
    I am looking forward to helping in anyway I can in achieving your mission!
    Thank You,
    Vincent C

  2. I also agree with most points made. I especially like the response to the rape of New Jerseyans in regard to highway taxes being used for who knows what and then taxing our fuel by an additional 23 cents. If that’s all it takes to fund road repair then why do we need toll roads? Let’s disband the Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, and Atlantic City Expressway authorities. We could save millions of dollars in salaries and future pensions.

  3. Alfred Viggiani Sr.

    Our Govt. has lost all credibility. Congress has become a sad case of DO NOTHING children. More than a few are out of their minds.!! Should the people sent to Washington to uphold the Constitution at least know the dam laws they swore to uphold.??? Really.

  4. The problems in our government are created by We The People we have not upheld our end of the deal we were supposed to be vigilant in securing our liberties and we didn?t. Now before it?s to late get involved with all aspects of our government from your school board to Washington and everything in between. Never let our elected officials forget who they are supposed to represent.

  5. I believe strongly in our fearless leader, Donald J. Trump. He is working hard for us, the people to accomplish the goals that he promised. So far, he’s passed a grand new tax cut for the upper class, so that’s a wonderful start. However, the do nothing Democratic Republicans continue to block ever major piece of legislation to benefit we the people. We must re-elect the President to continue to make major changes to this wonderful nation that is the United America of States.

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